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Supertrak Takeuchi TL 150

Supertrak TL150 with Denis Cimaf 6 ft Mulching Head


This is our Supertrak Takeuchi TL 150 with a Denis Cimaf 6ft mulching head. The Takeuchi is a 100hp unit that puts out 40 GPM @3300PSI of Hydraulic performance. This machine is capable of mulching nearly anything the customer needs. We generally mulch underbrush and trees 8-10" in diameter constantly, but can intermediately take down trees much larger as we have taken down and mulched 18-28" trees that had to be removed.  The Denis Cimaf head has a chipper style tooth that allows us to mulch the trees up to a very small and fine product. This combination, along with the rubber tracks, allows us to go almost anywhere and leave a very light footprint with low ground pressure. 


 CAT 420E


CAT 420E


This is our newest edition to the business. Its our CAT 420E rubber tire Backhoe. We use this machine for our customers who want a home site or any area mulched, but need the stumps removed for the foundations or other reasons. We also us it for constructing small roads and drainage ditches. We installed a 4-way bucket on the front and a thumb on the back so we can do about anything with this unit. Feel free to contact us about our backhoe services.

Barko Model 930

Barko 930 with FAE Head

This is our Barko 930 with FAE head.  It is a 305hp machine with 96GPM @ 5000psi hydrualic flow to the head.  This machine is for larger jobs. We can totally clear land or clean up clear-cuts for replanting pines along with all the things we do with the smaller machines.  We can mulcher nearly anything with this machine.  The FAE head covers a width of 7.5 feet.


Supertrak SK 120 with Fecon Head


This is a Supertrak SK 120 with Fecon head. This machine has a 127hp engine with a total of 60gpm hydraulic system, in that system is a dedicated 42gpm closed loop 5000psi pump just for the fecon head so it is powerful. We mulch the same stuff with both machines but this one will do it faster and cut slightly larger material. This machine has a turf friendly tread on the tracks along with very low ground PSI so it will not disturb the ground. On the Fecon head, we run the chipper style tooth similar to the Denis Cimaf, so that it will produce a fine, small finished product.